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"Here at Gerflor, creativity does not happen by chance. Neither is it intuitive or spontaneous. Creativity is like a plant that we methodically and patiently nurture and feed every single day. We travel around the world in search of the latest underlying trends in fashion, design and architecture. After returning from our journeys, we build mood boards featuring a wealth of styles, colours and materials, which serve as an infinite source of inspiration for creating new products. They represent one of the key raw materials for our future collections. They are the lifeblood that feeds our brand identity and drives Gerflor to consistently develop a growing number of unique and innovative products."
                                                                                                                                                                                                         Gino Venturelli, Artistic Director at Gerflor


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#The trend

The plant-inspired trend is making a big comeback, with its natural materials and coloured prints creeping into our interiors. Jungle themes are moving into our homes and bringing a stylish touch with their original designs and holiday-like feel.


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#The colours, the materials

This type of wall decoration is a match made in heaven with the colour white as well as golden accessories to produce a stylish on-trend design. Combinations with natural materials, including wood, wicker and rattan, can also be used to create a Bohemian atmosphere with a high feel-good factor!




Artwork featuring leaf motifs also leave their mark and can easily be brought into modern interiors. If you would rather incorporate this home design trend in small touches, works of art are the ideal place to start. They can infuse our home interiors with a summer atmosphere without having to change the textiles and fabrics. Pounce on paintings with a tropical feel or small items, such as valet and catchall trays. To take the light atmosphere to the next level, add a tropical plant to brighten up the interior.



Our Senso Naya Beige finish is perfectly suited to home interiors with a natural, floral and spontaneous feel. Its design lightens up the room and helps restore our inner balance, while eliciting a sense of well-being and enjoyment, which are important and even essential values.


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